Saturday, July 6, 2013

June in Review

Why is it that the first week of the month always gets away from me so quickly? I barely have time to adjust to it being a new month before it's all over, it seems! As it is, I debated posting my monthly goal page for June and decided not to as there are a few carry-over goals that will spoil some things I have to make this month! I'll post both June and July pages in August, and instead show you what I *did* get around to making and doing this month.

The big theme of June was getting ready for the opening of a new crafty shop local to me- Crafty Mums. I've been lucky enough to secure a shelf in this cute little shop and am hopeful for lots of sales and success! There are some great things in the shop and some great ladies crafting their butts off to fill it.

My shelf at the shop- the displays I had didn't quite work so I ended up making this one overnight! I have a good idea for a better display and I'm just looking for the right materials to make it with- I have almost all of it collected up and will give you guys an updated picture when it's done. 

And of course, I left you with a bit of a teaser of what was coming next- here's my completed Wimbledon necklace! These were really satisfying to complete as they had so much to them and ended up looking pretty much just how I wanted them to. 

Summer also means my fruit things come out again and I've made a few new things this year, plus adding some posts to my strawberries! The grapes were so much fun to make.

A new fruit that I'd hoped to have ready this month but couldn't quite get - dragonfruit! This slice pendant captured the spirit of the dragonfruit, but I am not quite happy with them yet. Maybe by next month I'll be posting some pieces I'm truly proud of, because I really love the look and colours of dragonfruit.

I also made a bunch of twisty marshmallow things and they've been a hit so far! Getting them smooth and 'perfect' was actually harder than it initially seemed it would be.

I also finally made some earrings and pendants with my spade canes from a few months back. I think they look quite cute. They're over at my sister shop, JustPlainAwesome.

And finally, not really a new item, but I made some bigger cookie pendants and they've convinced me to go even bigger. Little and dainty is good, but I think some big chunky pendants are in store, very soon.

It's always nice to look back on a month and feel like I got some things done and I'm glad I'm able to do that for June! I also was able to cross off some of my 2013 goals, and am going to be crossing off even more this weekend. I still have some catching up to do on my tutorials, so if you're eager to see any in specific let me know in the comments.

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  1. Oo I've been looking at getting a spot in the CraftyMums shop too! I need to make more stock first but I'd be interested to see how you do :-)

    1. I haven't done amazingly so far but I know others have! It's worth enquiring though- most of us are in there til mid-September at least, so if she has a spot it'd be worth saving!

  2. I really do love your creations, that marshmallow and cookie necklace are amazing.

    And good luck with your shelf at Crafty Mums =)