Thursday, July 18, 2013

Happy Birthday, Crafty Creatives! with CCBox13

It seems like I was just writing last month's Crafty Creatives blog post yesterday and here we are with another! I am seriously behind on my making- busy is good but not when it cuts into my crafty time, growl! This month marks the 1st birthday of the subscription craft box, and to celebrate it, we got something definitely unique compared to what we've seen so far!

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First, the art card, featuring lots of my fellow crafties! Embarrassment (and a little bit of pride) galore! No hint to a theme on the front, and the back did not have the usual list of products, but underneath it was this:

Yes, this box is another "floral" box, to celebrate their very first box with the same theme- but with FIVE kits! I know lots of people are often stuck for inspiration so this definitely seems like the box for them! It also allowed for the inclusion of lots of things that don't scream floral on their own but can be turned into something fitting of the theme, which I think is really great.

The first kit is for a felt flower. With enough felt for two, I'm sure my daughter will want the purple to make one of her own!

The second kit is for a fantastic stocking flower. Now, I will come out and say that I am one of those people who rolls her eyes at crafty trends like ombre and chevrons and neon-with-neutrals... but I am absolutely LOVING these super-bright colours. This is probably my second-favourite kit of the five and I can't wait to make it.

I like to think that somewhere the CC gods heard my plea. This kit is for a French beaded flower. I don't know where/when it was but I'm sure I mentioned that this was one of my top 'dream kits' at some point. The guide mentions a video which I'll be eagerly looking out for! I was so excited to find this in the box.

This is another kit I'm sure my daughter will want to make with me- a paper flower hair slide. With plenty of card for 2-3 flowers, we'll have to find more places to use them!

And lastly, who doesn't love crepe paper? This kit is for a crepe paper flower bunch, and maybe for a bit of a Crafty Creatives birthday party, as well!

In addition to the kit materials, there were a few floral-themed goodies- two pendants, some die-cut paper flowers, and some excellent wooden buttons. I think the hummingbird pendant may need to be made into something for my mom, as she gets lots of hummingbird visitors to her Illinois garden!

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So here's a rundown of what was in this jam-packed box!
  • 2 sheets of felt
  • stocking fabric
  • a little spool of thick wire
  • craft flower stamens
  • floral tape
  • a reel of thin wire
  • 2 bags of seed beads
  • 2 pieces of A5 card
  • antique bronze hair slide
  • Styrofoam ball
  • crepe paper
  • hummingbird pendant
  • rose heart pendant
  • 3 wooden buttons
  • 15 die-cut paper flowers
  • And last but not least:

Happy Birthday, Crafty Creatives!

This box threw me for a loop but I love it. The only thing I really missed was the list on the back of the card but with SO MUCH STUFF crammed into this box, I can understand why it wasn't there- and the wonderful message to us was worth it.

Now I need to decide how this counts toward my 2013 goal of doing every single CC Kit... ha!

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