Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Update- my busy workspace!

It is probably not a surprise to learn that I am not a very organised person. Oh, I don't tend to forget about my obligations, but it would be a lot easier if I could learn to somehow put them in some sort of order! I love diaries, I'm just terrible at using them.

Anyway, sometime last fall I was messing around and I made some starfish!

At the time I thought I'd keep them until summer came back around because they weren't very wintery! Well suffice it to say, I forgot about them.

This is my tub of spare charms and things that haven't been made into anything (the bag is full of unvarnished stuff). I was sorting through and found all my starfish, so hopefully I'll actually get them up and listed because OOPS!

This is the current state of the back of my work area. The worst it's been for a while, to be sure. I have a bunch of little commissions on the books right now- not huge jobs, but for some reason I've pulled out everything I need for all of them! Ha! Also pictured are random things I've used in the past few days for other non-clay crafts, and confusingly a pot of Lush. Would someone like to come organise me?

But anyway, as I mentioned, I have lots of little commissions to do right now, and some of them will be good for tutorials. I'm going to be playing with mica shift, and if it goes well I will be sure to share the results.


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