Saturday, March 16, 2013

Steampunk makes from ccbox9

I've managed to make quite a few things from my steampunk crafty box I got this month. I'm sure I'll get even more out of the box- while I seemed to leave almost everything out to craft with, I had a lot leftover to put away when I was done with my makes!

The kit in my latest box was a decoupage kit. It included tissue paper, a little box, some cardboard cogs, a sheet of Victorian/steampunk pictures, and a short length of antique copper chain. I used all these to make this, plus more. I gave the box an aged look with some very watered down brown acrylic paint, and used some thick glaze to make it look more lacquered  I also used the foil transfers that were in the box to give the cogs a metallic look. I didn't have red acrylic paint, but found some poster paints, and painted the inside of my box red!

While waiting for various stages of my decoupage box to dry, I messed with copper wire. These could be pendants, maybe! I really liked the effect of smashing the copper wire flat with my big heavy flat pliers. It's not quite a hammered look, but it's close!

I love the geometric leather necklaces I see around Etsy. Mine came out a bit messy so I'll probably do another soon! I also used a stud way back from CC box 4 in October. The small triangles are glued to a single, larger piece of leather. I used some of my own pleather cord, but ideally I'd put this on a brass chain- I just didn't feel like any of the ones I had in my supplies matched!

Finally, I just had to make some polymer clay creations with the cogs. This little mouse was so fun to make. I think I'll probably make these for my JPA Etsy shop! But this first one... I think he has to be mine. EDIT: I forgot to mention, this little guy is a lapel pin!

I also wanted to make something that was really really 'out there'. My husband suggested a cell, and it really got my brain working... and this is the result! It's a steampunk neuron cell. Possibly to power the brains of animatronic creatures? I actually made it with a lot more covered wire, but once it was baked I carved off a lot of the clay to make it look more wirey. I made a loop in the large bunch of dendrites on the main cell so it can be a pendant, but I'm not sure if I'll wear it as one. It might look neat as a brooch, too! It was fun to make, so even if it's not functional as such, it's still a cool little item.

I really love my creations from this month's box. I found myself liking decoupage more than I expected to, as well! I'll definitely be doing more of these little boxes in the future. For now, I'm glad my mouse has a home!

On another note, I finally got to my local fabric/sewing store and got some things for the bag I want to make with the fabric from box 8. I wanted blue buttons too, but they were out, so yellow will have to do for now!

I still need a topic/item for this month's polymer clay tutorial. Do you guys have any suggestions or requests?


  1. Love the little mouse, it's adorable!


  2. I too love the mouse! But you've got lots of ideas going. Like the flattened wire....(I must get going)