Thursday, April 11, 2013

Getting organised- crafty style!

So if you've been keeping up with this blog, you'll know I've had quite a few Crafty Creatives boxes arrive on my doorstep (or in my hands, as the case may be). They've slowly taken over my (very messy, unpictured) craft area, so I decided to sort them out.

Not everything is still in the boxes- some things have been made, others have gone into regular usage and are scattered around with my craft things; current projects lie around the house in various places. But when everything was sorted, I managed to condense eight boxes into five... and a bit. 

CC Box 9 ready to sort...

Two leftover boxes have become (very late) sweet parcels for an exchange I'm doing with a couple of friends back in the US. They worked perfectly- I am glad to give them new life rather than just breaking them down and recycling them.

 (From top left to bottom right: odds & ends, beads & charms, fabric & sewing, and kits)

My "odds and ends" box is overflowing, so box 9 has a couple of things remaining in it as "odds and ends 2"  for now, but my "charms and beads" box has plenty of room! (hint hint ;))

I'm not a huge papercrafts person, but this box is one of my favourites. It's just so pretty and nice to look through. I've also put all the paper surrounds from the other boxes in here to use someday.

Hopefully I'll have my CC box 8 bag made soon so I can show it off, and I will catch up on my tutorial posts next week after the CC box 10 (eee!) post goes up! Lots to post this month, so stay tuned, and thanks for sticking around during the silence.


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