Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Crafty Creatives Box 9!

I got a new camera today. My last camera has been retired after 5.5 of good use- two kids, lots of zoo visits, and trips to the beach. I think it was a stray crumbled antacid (from who knows when, probably 3 years ago from kid #2's belly-days) in the bottom of my old messenger bag that finally did it in. It'll still be good for kid #1 to use, unless she wants to use specific menu functions. Yesterday my Crafty Creatives box arrived, but I decided to wait until today to take pictures in all my new-camera glory! 

(Fun with 1cm macro!)
The theme for this month was steampunk! A surprise as I was thinking there might be a spring or Easter box, but a bad one! As I mentioned in last month's CC entry, steampunk is one of those themes that I knew had to be done, and that I was looking forward to. Most of my love for steampunk comes from a kid's novel series by Philip Reeve, but I've always appreciated the art styles. There's something to be said for cogs and animatronic owls!

The art card is great- I especially like the texture on the bottom of her dress, it really came through on the print.

The kit for this month is decoupage- a trinket box, in fact. I have never actually done decoupage. Papier-mâché, sure, but that was always painted afterward. I'm excited to do this as it's something I always look at when I go in my local art shop but never pick up materials for. I'm also thinking of aging mine with watered-down acrylics, and using the crackle varnish for a fancy finish. Hopefully it won't botch the whole thing too much!

These toggle clasps are great. I buy so many toggle clasps to make stitch markers for people, and end up with bags of lonely leftover bars, but these will definitely be used for their intended purposes- or at least not separated!


Thank goodness for my new camera here! What steampunk box would be without some teeny-tiny watch parts? I love these, and will be using them in a polymer clay construction very soon. 

Click to enlarge!
So here's the rundown of everything in Box 9:

  • art card by Britta van den Boom
  • CC Kit #9: Decoupage Trinket Box
  • 3m brown leather cord
  • pipe spacer beads
  • bottle of crackle glaze
  • metallic transfer foils by Stix2
  • two big pieces of leather scraps- I already have a great idea for these!
  • reel of wire- I got a light copper colour! The pliers from the last box will come in handy for shaping this into pendants and things!
  • bulb and clock charms
  • lock and key toggle clasps
  • watch parts
  • brown tweed fabric with metallic twist
As I was putting my box away after taking photos, I put to the side everything I wanted to work with immediately, and ended up putting away only a few things in the end! I have lots of great ideas for this box, and really only one of them is strikingly steampunk. The rest are more modern and just generally crafty! I just hope I have time to get them all done during the crazy Easter Etsy rush!

Thanks again to Crafty Creatives for a great box. I think even someone who doesn't like steampunk will appreciate most of these materials.

What will you make? Any ideas for me? 

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  1. Oh man I love those lock and key clasps! I also have a lot of love for the steampunk genre.... Everything made with steampunk style is so artistic.