Friday, March 1, 2013

February in Review

I had a lot down for my month in February, and although it doesn't look like a lot is ticked off, I still feel like I got a lot done. The things that are left are either unfinished because I couldn't do yet them financially, or simply because I got so behind on my clay due to a few weeks of sickness. I'm glad February is over though- March is the beginning of birthday season in our house (apart from mine, that is) and the weather is getting better... it's just so much nicer!

The "Oops" is to remind me to remember to buy tickets in the future, because getting stopped on a train without them is no fun, either. DUH DOY!

I've been doing Lent and doing pretty well apart from the sweaty part, mainly due to sickness. This one isn't really 'tickable' as it was just me scribbling down my plans, though.

New films for the month- I went to see Wreck-It Ralph in the cinema with my daughter and we LOVED it. Thank goodness it was out on iTunes the next week- it's become a firm favourite in our house. My friend and I watched the other two movies on a trip, and I want to keep track of new (to me) movies I've seen, so I made a new category for them. No new books this month, but I have been rereading a ton of stuff, mainly teen fiction (Percy Jackson, Ember series, etc).

And in the interest of full disclosure, this is a little sketch I have on the facing page that was for a project I did...

And here is the finished product! This is a gift, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I'm not sure whether I will frame it or not- if I do it will be a simple light wood frame, possibly untreated, and no glass. I think I will ask the giftee this weekend!

How was your February? 

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