Thursday, February 28, 2013

CC8 Polymer Clay kit makes

Crafty Creatives box 8 contained not only a theme that was very nearly my sweet shop dream theme, but it contained a polymer clay kit- one I had been eagerly anticipating, mainly to see how they'd approach it. I finally got around to playing with the clay they sent after deciding I would use only the clay they sent for the things I'd make with the kit and not mix it with any of my own (I did dip in to my own jewelry supplies, though). 

While I did use only the clay provided, I did decide to mix some green so I could have a bit more colour in my makes. I wanted to go in a sweet shop direction but when I wasn't immediately struck with inspiration I began to swirl my clays... and instantly saw a brightly-coloured marshmallow! Perfect for a pendant, I thought.

And because I needed some matching earrings.... these didn't quite come out like marshmallows but I love them anyway.

I also made a marble/swirl heart with the rest of the swirled clay, though the blue hid away more than I'd like. I really liked the method for making a heart that was given in the kit, though I found this clay a lot harder to work with than what I'm used to, but also much more forgiving.

 And finally, I made a quick cane and a dopey little sea turtle for my kids. Because who doesn't love sea turtles?

I'm glad I stuck with just using the colours supplied- I think I made things I may not have otherwise!

What did you make with your kit? How did you like it? I found it much more challenging than I thought to adjust myself to the firmer texture of this clay compared to my normal FIMO Soft.


  1. How did you do that turtle? It's so cute and amazing!

    1. For the shell pattern, I basically made a long cane of blue with a yellow border, squared it (rather than leaving it round), sliced it thin, and laid it out the shell pattern flat on my work surface. I then rolled it out just a tiny bit before putting it on a pre-shaped ball of clay that would become the shell! The cane slices are different sizes just because I did the middle first and then reduced it a bit more before doing the outside.

    2. Thank you! I'll definitely be having a go at that little guy!