Friday, February 1, 2013

January in Review

January is over- everyone seems to be commenting that it was an exceptionally long-feeling month, and I totally agree. Whether it was the fact that my daughter returned to school so late, or the deadlines I had to hit when I really just wanted to breathe after Christmas, or just cold weather and gloomy days, I'm glad that we're on to February. I'm also pretty glad that I had a mostly productive month and got stuff done!

Skye over at "even artichokes have hearts" has been posting weekly Filofax pages, and I've really been getting a kick out them. I've never been the type to have a daily planner- mainly because I'm just not organised enough, but I thought I'd share my January Goals page (and then subsequent months) with you guys. It doesn't have a whole lot on it because I was 2/3 through January before I started it!

I got most stuff done, and I did start my crochet! I'm learning slowly, and I even practiced chain stitching on balloon ribbon at a wedding. I am a dork. Mini journals just didn't happen because of time. I'm going to carry both of those over into February, though!

I also decided to track new movies and books that I've seen/read this year. Again, not a lot written down! The movies list would have been a lot longer if I'd had this ready to go at the beginning of the year. iPlayer was FULL of stuff after the holiday TV bonanza and I saw quite a few new things then. 

So now, February. I am also still trying to finish my 100 goals LIST- I only have about 40 at the moment. Any suggestions?

New canes soon. I had so much fun doing the Valentine's stuff. Would you guys want to see a run-down of how I do the next one?

Reversible pendant!

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  1. That pendant is so pretty, would be interesting to see how it is made.
    I actaully thought January went by so fast, quite scray really!