Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Crafty Creatives box 8 and Dream Themes

I spent a little bit of time last night writing up part of today's blog post. I knew I wanted to digress from this month's Crafty Creatives box for a little to talk about something I've been thinking on for the past week or so. As it turns out, a large part of what I wrote is now irrelevant! 

Thank you Postie!

This month's theme is Spots and Stripes! 

For the original delivery date, I half expected hearts and pink, but when the box was delayed, I began to wonder about all the themes it could be, and also, what my "dream theme" would be. Last month's woodland is a theme pretty high up there for me, and I really loved that box. Looking back, the oriental theme should have been a big one for me, but in reflection it's closer to the bottom of my hypothetical box rankings. To the future- a steampunk theme might be overdone, but it's almost a must at some point- I know I'd love to get one. And, a theme based on peacock feathers- blues and greens and a splash of purple would be one to win my heart. But, a theme I was thinking about a few weeks ago which has been cemented as my highest "dream theme" after seeing the film Wreck-it Ralph, would be a sweet shop theme. Pinstripes and paper straws and pastels would work even better with CC's trademark paper bag kit! And then, this morning, almost exactly what I imagined to be in a "sweet shop"-themed box turned up at my door. Minus a few sweet-oriented charms or cabochons maybe, but everything else is pretty much spot on.

The art card is super funky, definitely one that will go up when I finally get around to decorating my walls a bit (one of my 100 mini-goals). Love the colour and the style a lot.

And again, I opened the kit and laughed out loud. The other thing I was wondering about last night while writing up my dream themes was when polymer clay would come along- this is my main crafty area and I was curious as to how they'd approach it. I may have to add my own personal touch to this one, though! ;)

Click to enlarge

So here we are- what's in the box? (Pardon the knolling, I've been introduced to a tumblr called thingsorganizedneatly today- check it out!)

  • Art card by Paul Heard
  • CC Kit- polymer clay heart pendant
  • roll of washi tape- I got multi-coloured stripey! Love this so much!
  • a bundle of paper straws
  • 24 spotty cupcake papers
  • a spotty lampwork bead- maybe I'll name mine Argus as it looks like he's got little eyes all over!
  • 3m of stripey string
  • 20 striped resin beads (these have been on my to-buy list for a while)
  • 50cm strip of spotty green PVC fabric
  • fat quarter of stripey cotton fabric
  • pack of foam pads by Stix2 - great for paper crafts!
  • a sheet of stripey purple tissue paper
  • 15 silver-plated head-pins
  • round nose pliers

 What would be your dream theme?


  1. Lovely review!

    Hmmm, my dream theme? Anything that involved a little sewing project or beautiful papers... but that's not "really" a theme is it. I'm hoping for an Easter theme with lots of pastels I think! :) xx

    1. Yeah, I'm expecting an Easter or at least heavily-spring-themed box next month! But, I also think it'll have a CC twist- the Christmas box was very non-traditional!

      I am hoarding my fabric and need some good ideas. I missed the first box (and kit) so I'd love to see another sewing project. Have only done little projects for years but I'm hitting it hard this week and next as my daughter needs a full Tudor outfit for school! Once the machine is out I think the sewing will return in full force. ;)

  2. Very cute box! Love the theme, i have no idea what id make with that tho. im currently knitting a jesus for my friend so not sure pattern is very of the time! That tumblr is great btw, especially the lady cracking up over the organised snowballs. Shes amazing.

    1. I think I'm going to find a fun zipper and make a little lined coin purse or clutch with the two fabrics. As for the other things, they'll all go to various little projects, I'm sure! I'm too excited for the foam pads.