Monday, December 3, 2012

Nostalgic Treats

I have been wanting and planning on a tutorial for you guys, and the weather keeps thwarting me! Even on the sunniest of days, my photos are just not cutting it. Additionally, the past few weeks I've been working hard on a few new things and some commissions- and it's not going to quiet down for a few more weeks! This is the busiest time of the year for me. So, to tide you over until I do manage to get the sunshine to cooperate for me, here are some things I've made in the past few weeks, including some nostalgic favourites.

Bouche de Noel, or Yule log pendants!
The first are my yule logs. I've been wanting to do these for AGES and just never got to it. I have single logs for earrings, and these split ones for pendants. The texture didn't come out great in the photo but I promise it's there- I really really love these and will probably steal some for myself!

Iced star sugar cookies!
After doing my heart cookies last Valentine's day, I knew I had to do stars at some point. I love how they turned out!

Peppermint candy pendant!
I've done minimal caning before, mainly swirls for swiss rolls and simple heart shape canes. So, this was my first real foray into caning, and while I struggled with it (this was my third attempt), it was a lot of fun. Maybe a tutorial for this is in the cards? I like the earrings that came out from these- especially the tiny post ones- but the pendant is just so perfect.

Hostess cupcakes!
In the wake of the Hostess closure, I just had to make some things to immortalise these nostalgic treats. While I was more of a Ding Dong fan, the cupcakes translate to jewelry so well that I couldn't NOT make some! I also made some 'chomped' versions that have the creamy centres exposed.

Twinkies. BFFs.
And of course, you can't have Hostess without Twinkies. While I made a few different Twinkie things, I think my favourite is by far these best friends charms for necklaces and bracelets. They even have the injection point on the bottom! And what says 'forever' better than a Twinkie, eh?

Lastly, these are a few commissions I did last month. A big chunky pendant with a guild crest on it, and a fun Mario Bros charm bracelet. The fire flower was another cane! But much easier than the peppermint cane, by far. I also made some earrings and wore them recently- they were a huge hit! Any commission work that you think I might be able to do- just ask. I will make most anything that I feel I'll be able to do- even if its out of my comfort zone! Before last week, caning was a bit scary, but because I went out of the comfort zone, I will be happy to do it again in the future!

Hopefully I'll have a tutorial up in the next week or two, and if not I'll show off some more commissions, because that is the theme of this coming week, it seems! 

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