Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Crafty Creatives box #5 has landed!

I look forward to it every month now, that glorious Tuesday afternoon where I get a box of crafting goodies! That day is here, and I am, as usual, so excited to share it with you! Spoilers after the cut, including some of my first quick makes!

CCBox 5!

This month's theme is a vintage festive holiday theme, with lots of nostalgia-inducing goodies.

Click the image to enlarge!
Let's start with a nice thematic overview. This month's box pays its tribute to the holiday season without overdoing it, throwing in that sense of 'homemade' that old Christmases had. It reminds me of working craft shows with my mom: running off to buy bundles of cinnamon and ribbon, and feeling pride in being entrusted with hanging the wreaths on the front of her table. The tiny teacup and saucer in the centre of the photo remind me of setting up the miniatures for Christmas as well- pulling out the box, and staring at the miniature gifts and the perfectly scaled teddy bear that would live under the 1:12 scale tree.

A quick list of what's in the box this month:
  • Art card by Jo Askey
  • CC Kit- a crochet mouse!
  • Nostalgic printed fabric strip by Blueberry Park
  • 1.5m festive ribbon
  • Alice in Wonderland postcard
  • Multicoloured jingle bells
  • 3 carousel horse charms
  • Miniature tea cup and saucer
  • 2 card layers
  • 2 wreath rings
  • A wooden girl and her bunny
  • Edging scissors
  • Large bundle of cinnamon sticks
  • A sheet of German Christmas scraps

The kit this month completely intimidates me. I am terrible at knitting and crochet and have found it hopeless to learn, so I am waiting to do this until the blog posts and YouTube videos go up on the Crafty Creatives blog - they have certainly been helpful in the past so I'm looking forward to FINALLY learning to crochet, and with such a cute kit, as well! This would make a great gift for a friend's soon-to-be newborn baby girl!

My favourite item in the whole box was the little bag of jingle bells. I love little bells, the sound always makes me smile, and this was my initial thought for how to use a few! Grouped above the carousel pendant charms, they look like bunches of balloons at a carnival! I had to immediately pull out my tools and make these earrings. I chose my three favourite colours, but they'd also look great with just pink and blue bells, giving it a candy floss feel.

And to have that carnival holiday feel, I made a necklace with red and green bells- something a bit different at Christmas! I may even swap out the bells on my earrings for red and green ones to match this necklace when I work the Christmas faire.

If you haven't joined Crafty Creatives yet, you should- it's £12.95 a month after postage, it always gives me new ideas of what I can do with my crafting and projects that I wouldn't normally think to tackle normally. Right now you can order a taster box with items from past boxes, as well as ordering the December box as a one-off without subscribing! Check the gift page on their website for these options. I'm almost tempted to get a taster box for myself to get a few extra goodies!

What would you make from these goodies? Leave a comment below!


  1. I love the jewellery you've made!

    Such a great box this month, but I have to agree with you about this months kit.... I'd love to be able to crochet but am a bit nervous about it! Ha ha, expecting a tangled mess ;) xx

    1. Thanks! Even reading the blog posts intimidate me. I must somehow manage do it before box 6 arrives though!

  2. That necklace is a great idea!

    Wasn't this box great - I'm officially addicted!

    I've done a review on my blog too :)



    1. Thanks! Read your blog post-- I'm with you on the surrounding purple gingham paper, I've kept all mine from the boxes I've had so far ;) They're just so nice!