Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December! Crafty Creatives Box 6

Winter is well and truly here. Along with cold weather and icy sidewalks, the viruses have arrived. And not just the colds and flus- but the fun stomach viruses that kids love to share. Luckily we weren't hit hard this time around, but I spent a good day and a half feeling weak and wobbly, and wishing I had some nice brothy soup. Things weren't allowed to come to a complete halt but instead came to a crawl, which ended on a high note.

I think you can guess what that high note was!

My Crafty Creatives box came as I was snuggled in bed, a perfect place when you consider this month's theme: ICY!

Beautiful blues, purples, and whites make this box a real treat to look at. The art card is one of my favourites so far, and I couldn't stop staring at it!

The kit this month is right up my alley. As a complete and utter Lush Cosmetics addict, I am no stranger to a bath bomb, but surprisingly I've never made my own before! I've been meaning to get into a Lush shop make-your-own night but something always thwarts me, so I'm excited to have my own kit to do it at home! There is more than enough for several bath bombs, so I'm going to try out some variations as well. 

This box has a lot that is down my particular alley. I've always been more of a bead-crafter than a paper-crafter, and there is a lot here for making my magpie soul sing. At the top of my list is the string of fluorite chips. It's one of my favourite gems to work with, and I have a good idea for using it in an original way.

This box also had a great little thank you gift- some Crafty Creatives badges! These made me smile as much as any of the craft items I've received in any box so far. They're such a great little extra that I can't wait to pin to my bag.

Click to enlarge and see every little thing!

Finally, here's a quick run-down of the box's contents:

  • Art card by Eleanor Carter
  • CC Kit- make your own bath bomb!
  • Sheet of snowflake stickers
  • Two glass drop crystal pendants
  • Icy glass beads with two glass snowflakes
  • Shimmery icicle paillettes
  • Strand of fluorite gems
  • Two glass hearts with organza bag
  • Ball of fuzzy white wool
  • 20m spool of shirring elastic
  • Choker wire
I'll be sharing my creations over on my twitter account @CuteEnuff2Tweet, but check back here soon- I finally ordered the Crafty Creatives taster box! Because, who doesn't need an extra dose of crafty fun sometimes? These boxes would make a great last-minute gift for anyone who is even remotely crafty- check out the gift options here. Thanks again for a great box, Crafty Creatives!


  1. Looks amazing, mines at home waiting for me but I'm at my boyfriends house so I had to ruin the suprise for myself!
    I can't wait to make the bath bombs.


    1. Completely understand! If mine didn't come next-day one month, I would be totally unable to resist spoiling myself! I'm thinking I'll have to throw some sugar Christmas cake decorations in the bottom of my molds (facing down so they turn out the right way) to make them extra festive! :D