Monday, December 17, 2012

Crafty Creatives Taster Box - a look back

As you know, I've been posting a lot about Crafty Creatives the past few months. It's been a really fun subscription service and I am glad I got in fairly early! Recently they started offering a taster box- a box with a selection of things they've had in past boxes. I only missed the first two boxes but  knew I'd be happy with any extras from the boxes I had received so far, so at the beginning of this month I ordered one! It came this weekend (where it was luckily NOT held hostage by my student neighbors as I managed to collect it from them before the last one left for Christmas break) and I thought I'd share what I got with you! These boxes are still available to order!

The box came with a special Crafty Creatives card to replace the usual art card, and as usual listed the contents on the back.

The following items are in every taster box:
  • 1 sheet of floral tissue paper
  • 3 large wooden bunting flags
  • 2m of flag ribbon (and three blank tags) by Jane Means
  • 3 pages from a Chinese new year fortune book
  • Chinese coins (the card said 3, but I got 10!)
  • 3 large purple resin flower beads
  • Vintage Gothic-style pictures
  • 10 silver studs
  • 3 carousel pendants
  • Bunch of cinnamon sticks
  • 2 wreath rings
  • One random CC Kit
  • One random fat quarter of fabric
There are also extras "just for you" which will vary from box to box- in my box I received:
  • Red, white, and blue buttons
  • Dragon pendant 
  • 4m of red cord
  • 8 skull beads

I got a lot of my favourite items again, as well as a few that I'd coveted from the boxes I missed! I'm pleased with my fabric and kit as well- I ended up with both from box 3. The book binding has been one of the most idea-inspiring craft activities I've done all year, and although I haven't used my brocade fabric yet, my plans for it are pretty big and it's only a matter of finding enough time! I'm hoping that boxes 6-10 get another taster box! ;)

Stay tuned for an epic post before New Years with some fun commissions I've been asked to do this year, and maybe even a post with some cookies that you can actually recreate and *eat*! Hopefully with pictures that will not make me growl in frustration! I hope that you all have a great break!

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