Thursday, June 6, 2013

May in Review

May was another crazy 2013 month, but this time mostly in a great way. I can't believe we're almost a week into June already! Most of my month was taken up by things that I can't yet talk about- but I will be talking about it this time next week! I thought I'd go ahead and round up the rest of my month's accomplishments in a separate entry before then though, so here's what I got up to in May!

I didn't have a ton of goals written in my journal this month and honestly most were miniscule apart from that big circled one. A big commission. But that's for another post. Anyway- we started the month with more norovirus and a postponed birthday party but eventually got on a roll.

Just to show off an example what we did at the eventual party- microwavable paper clay, 'painted' with felt tips! The kids loved it. I glued badge findings to the back for them and they took them away that day. It always makes me smile to see the kids embrace the creative activities regardless of their personality types. 

Lots of clay work means lots of movies and no books- but I eventually stopped watching new stuff as I found I worked faster with just music or old DVDs of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Quite an eclectic selection of new stuff though, I think!

I had a couple of commissions (and one silly idea) this month. From the top: little brain charms which I may patina a bit, or just leave cute and pink, some brightly-sprinkled cake slice earrings, and some big chunky SuzyQ cufflinks. The brain charms were just something I was messing with in the middle of a commission, but the other two were requests from customers which are always fun and rewarding to do. I experimented on a new sprinkle technique for the cakes, and the SuzyQs were so much bigger and chunkier than the tiny ones I've made before- I may make a few for pendants.

I debated leaving this out as it was at the end of the month and then into the beginning of June, but this is what I've been busy with since my commission ended. I've managed to get some shelf space in this new shop, Crafty Mums, opening soon in Colchester, and I'm really excited. Right now I'm embracing delays as I am not ready in the slightest! 

And a taste of what's to come for the shop- Etsy and Crafty Mums- lots of strawberries. I'm excited about these little pots of strawberries and cream, made for pendants! I just need to finish them up and take some final shots. Again, I technically did this inside of June, but I don't think I'll be short of ideas for this month.

This is going to be a catch-up month in more ways than one, so hopefully there will be a couple of tutorials up for you soon. I am planning one for this weekend as I type!

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