Thursday, April 18, 2013

April-- Crafty Creatives box 10!

April has been a very crazy month so far. Or really, the end of March and beginning of April. I haven't had a lot of time to sit down and think about crafting- which stinks when I try to make money from it! But it's always nice to get a burst of creativity in the middle of the month with my Crafty Creatives box, and though mine came a day later than usual and I spoiled myself, I was still very much excited to get it!

The clue for this month's theme was in the sticker on the box, really! Instead of the trademark pink, we had a lovely blue sticker for this month's theme- Blue! And no, not the boy band.

The lovely art card- which is strangely suitable for this spring so far- is by Catherine Moody. It's a great little picture and will go well with the variety of art cards we've had to date.

One of my favourite items in the box - these acrylic paints. I don't have enough and can't always justify getting them. The Calypso Blue will be great for adding patina to my polymer clay creations, and I'm desperate to try using that crackle glaze from box 9 with them!

My daughter's favourite item was this triple pack of glitter and beads. I always need more seed beads, and it will be a lot of fun making a project with the beady glitter.

Wool felt balls from Nepal- again such great colours, these may have to become earrings. Also, a fat quarter of cotton fabric- while I'm envious of the paisleys some people got, I really do love the scalloped dots.

The kit for this month is to make a bluebird mobile- if I can get it done in time and then bear to give it up, it will be a perfect gift for my due-in-three-weeks nephew! 

Click to enlarge!
Of course, that wasn't everything, so here's the full picture and a rundown of what was in this month's box:
  • Art card by Catherine Moody
  • CC Kit- bluebird mobile
  • 8 wool felt balls
  • 3 tubes of glitter and beads from Stix2
  • mini blank canvas
  • 3 Americana acrylic paints- Calypso Blue, Blue Violet, and Blue Salem
  • 7 tiny glass beads from Musha Makes
  • 2 packs of Jumping Clay - blue and white air-drying polymer clay. My daughter is excited about these, too!
  • 2 sheets of A5 craft paper
  • fat quarter of blue-patterned cotton fabric
  • 2 ceramic bluebird pendants (I'm so happy with my cobalt blue ones- my favourite colour!)
So while this box didn't hit a hat-trick on my dream boxes (sweets, steampunk, peacock), it came close- blue is probably my favourite colour and this box is certainly pleasing to the eye. And hey, it means that there's still more for me to look forward to, right? Oh, who am I kidding, there would be anyway.

And now I just need to stop singing 'I Can'.

Blue Sharpie for the blue box.

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