Wednesday, May 1, 2013

March / April in review

It has been a very long two months. March and April 2013 have been the craziest and most intense months I've had for years. I'm fairly far behind on my blogging goal for this year, but I'm confident I will catch that up as the year goes on.

Didn't get my PJ canes started yet- but I did do a cane for the month of March- I made a Greek cross cane that I used in making a bunch of different things for a fund-raising auction. 

They were all well-received and raised $151 for their cause. I'll be listing these on Just Plain Awesome soon but I need to make some purple ones to take another photo of- the purple didn't come out in any of my pictures!

Most of my other goals for March that didn't get finished had to do with finances- because of the previously mentioned craziness, goals that required money which weren't really essential had to be put on hold, sadly.

You can tell that March was a clay-heavy month purely by the fact that there are old movies on my 'new' watched list. When I'm crafting, I have to be watching something, and often I just search YouTube for full movies! There Will Be Blood was on iPlayer as well, I was just spoiled in March.

April was supposed to be a lot of clay catching up that didn't happen. I ended up making two canes for someone else before running out of clay I needed for other projects!

I got the decoupage started, at least! And a new CETE logo is in the works.

Hmm, and here is maybe why I didn't get much done in April. Four new books! That's ok, they were part of my yearly goals too, and it was nice to get back into reading some new stuff. As far as movies, Drive isn't too old, but it wasn't in the cinema, so it's on my second list.

On to other things- I picked up these at Franklin's, the local sewing and crafts shop. They will become a bracelet for my daughter, when I get around to it. If anyone has some good macrame-type bracelet tips, I'd be happy to hear them! I also need to get into CCBox 10 at some point and finish my sewing project from Box 8. I have a feeling those will have to wait until June though, my clay commissions are very full until then!

Let's hope that May is a bit more calm outside of craftyness around the King house- I don't want another pile of these hanging about! Phew! 

Happy May Day!

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