Thursday, October 25, 2012

Some new and shiny things

I've been really busy the past few weeks finishing up my autumn items. Halloween is only just around the corner, and Bonfire Night right after. I had things I wanted to do that ended up being right against the wire, as always, so I hope these latecomers get some love!

Toffee Apple Necklace

New this year, I made candied apples. I ended up making the stems separately and sticking them in, so I will be taking a pair of earrings for a trial run before I send any others off, to test for durability.   As well as the toffee apples pictured above, I also made some coated in chocolate with tiny bits of cream-coloured sprinkles for chopped nuts!

Chocolate-coated donuts with purple and orange sprinkles
I also made donuts. They are, really, my signature item, and I try to do some for every season. I did some donuts with orange, but the dark purple worked really well, too!

Jack-o-Lantern Earrings
These jack-o-lanterns were frustrating and fun to make all at the same time. They were really satisfying when everything turned out right! These are featured in my JustPlainAwesome shop.

Autumn leaves necklace
Another newbie for my JPA shop- leaves. I made lots of these leaves for earrings and necklaces, and though I'm not sure if they are botanically correct, the colours and texture of them make me smile and think of Autumn immediately. 

Lime thumbprint cookie earrings
And lastly, these earrings were made after I had a commission to make some thumbprint cookies for a charm bracelet. I was unsure about making them at first, as the cookies are very distinctive and I wasn't sure if I could get them just right. But I found a little trick (ripping the clay and working with the rips) to make them crackle and crumble just like the real thing.

That's what I've been up to! Your next tutorial will be a while- my non-crafting side of life is pretty packed in the next week and a half, but I may have something up in the meantime!

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