Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's that time again... Crafty Creatives box 4!

Box #4 of the great Crafty Creatives subscription craft boxes landed today. I can't believe it's been a month already since #3! It's only my second box as I missed the first two, but from what I can tell, they're just getting better and better every month! 

I'm sure you can have a guess at what the theme was this month...
That's right- this month, just in time for Halloween, it's a Gothic theme! While the art card made my daughter worry, we both loved the surrounding material for this month- it will be good for a craft in its own right! 

The kit for this month is a Gothic Masquerade mask kit. Check out the technique at Sprinkles in Springs.

It came with all the supplies needed- tulle, a brand new bottle of fabric paint, and ribbon!

And here it is all laid out. There are so many things and I've got a fair few ideas from this kit! Can't wait to get crafting.

(Click on the photo to view it in a larger form!)

In addition to the kit, art card, and outer rose fabric, this month's box had:
  • 3x large purple resin flower beads
  • HUGE silver winged pendant
  • glass cabochon with Gothic setting
  • 8x mini skull beads
  • 10x silver fabric studs
  • 2x 2m lengths of ribbon- one satin, one organza
  • vintage Gothic/Halloween picture sheets
  • 2x wooden Gothic windows
  • 50cm strip of green spider web mesh
  • 2x black filigree ring blanks
  • cruelty-free feathers
  • 2x mini Gothic key charms
  • a fat quarter of black lace
  • 50cm black non-woven fabric
  • Halloween confetti!
I've just made some tiny polymer clay jack-o-lanterns for post earrings, and will definitely be making a couple more for the ring blanks tonight. The cabochon fits perfectly inside the big winged pendant, so I think those HAVE to go together- it's just a matter of deciding what to put behind it! I may try my hand at making some feather earrings, and can't wait to do the mask later tonight as well- there's definitely enough tulle for two! 

While I'm not a huge huge fan of Gothic-styled things, I'm not disappointed with this box in the least. Crafty Creatives have done a great job of getting together little things that I think anyone would find inspiration from. 


  1. It's soooo tempting to sign up. Do they have a recommend a friend that will give you some credit if I sign up?

    1. They *did* have an offer, but don't any more. I will inquire with them though about any referrals deals and let you know!