Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's time for another- Crafty Creatives box 7

We've passed the second Monday of January already? Can you believe it, because I can't. And today is the THIRD Tuesday. I need to stop thinking about how I've "lost" half a month now and focus on something that's a nice light in my craziness: my Crafty Creatives box! The theme this month is a fantastic one, and not at all what I thought it might be. Spoilers after the jump.

Fantastic, get it? Ok, ok. This month's theme is the Woodland. The art card is very cute, even if I am quite happy enough to forget rain exists at the moment!

As I opened my box, a huge piece of foam greeted me. It didn't clue me in- I am a felting newbie, though so incredibly excited to have this as January's kit. I've made polymer clay leaves for my jewelry on Etsy before, and they were some of my favourite things to make. I'm also excited that the kit was for something more than just felted acorns which I know many people do- and they're amazingly cute- because these look like they'll be a lot more of a challenge!

The rest of the items in the box are great- Flower Soft is something that I've worked with before, but only in kits with small amounts. Now I have two big containers of it for myself, I'll need to think of a good project for it! Lots of beads and pendants in this kit makes me happy for that's where I am at the root of my crafty heart, but I'm really excited about everything in this box.

As usual- click on the picture for a better view!

And here's the rundown of it all: 
  • Art card by Lucy Farfort
  • CC Kit- felted leaves
  • 3 toadstool beads
  • wooden leaf buttons
  • skeleton leaves
  • 5 antique copper leaf charms
  • colourful owl fabric
  • two colours of Flower Soft (plus glue)
  • 2 ceramic fox beads
  • big antique bronze owl pendant
  • 3 birch hearts
  • a pine cone
I almost made my foxes into earrings, but I changed my mind. I want to do something a bit different with them, so I'm going to have a good think. The leaf buttons and toadstools as well- really need to be made into something special. I think I'll use just about everything in this box, except for the pinecone, as it was promptly adopted by my 2-year-old. 

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  1. I love this months box. I haven't opened mine yet because I'm at my boyfriends but the excitement was killing me so had to see if someone had blogged about it yet. Fave so far!