Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A few Crafty Creations

Crafty Creatives Box 6 came at an insanely busy time for me. I loved the contents but didn't have much time to craft and then wait for good light to photograph as well. So even while we're looking forward to box 7 next week, here are some creations I've made with the box 6 goodies!

First up is a snowflake dream catcher. I used one of the wreath bases from box 5 in this, and it was a lot of fun but very tedious! I sat and watched a movie while I wrapped, though, and it was a nice evening activity. I used the small glass facet beads for a little colour pop, and there's a loop for hanging.

This and the next project were actually made a few days after getting my box, but time ran away from me and I never found time in good light to photograph them! This is a pendant made from the  fluorite chip beads, beaded on to a super-long eye pin.

And lastly, a bracelet to match the pendant. I may make more of these fluorite chip danglies to add to the bracelet, but I'm not decided yet.

I still have yet to do my kit- which is pretty crazy considering my over the top love for bath bombs. I've bought some sugar cake decorations to place in the bottom of the moulds (face-down, of course) so that the bombs will be beautifully decorated when we pop them out! As always, watch my twitter account for any random photos I may share!

What did you (or would you) make?

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