Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Crafty Creatives Box 14- 'Western'

Crafty Creatives box 14 landed several weeks ago, but we were away on holiday! Finally last Friday this box was redelivered, and though I hadn't managed to avoid seeing what this month's theme and contents were, it was still nice to get my pink parcel!

First I'm going to show off a few photos of where were were. My own ancestral homelands (not really) of Illinois. Flat, hot, and corn (and soybeans).

Ahhhh, the country life.

So perhaps strangely fitting that this month's box was very North American themed! Though, I was not in the wild west- this box's theme was 'Western'!

Native American culture is something I've grown up treading very lightly around. My American ancestors go back mostly to the Revolutionary War, so I know there have probably been some along the way who have not been the best of neighbors to those who were displaced. Appropriation is tricky, and in some cases inappropriate. That said, I think this art card is beautiful and I think for the most part this box was handled lightly.

The kit for this box was a dreamcatcher- an obvious choice! I look forward to getting the feathers in box 15 so I can finish this one off properly. Although I do have to point out that as they originated from the Ojibwe people they are technically not 'Wild West' but more 'wild north'!  

There was also a second kit in this box- a rope basket. This one looks a bit trickier, I have to admit.

There was a good selection of beads and charms in this one, including a generous amount of star studs.

click to enlarge!
A quick rundown of my box's contents:
  • Art card by Anastasia Alexandrin
  • CC kit- dreamcatcher
  • Extra kit- rope basket
  • two strings of turquoise beads
  • lots of bronze star studs
  • five feather charms
  • 1 metre suedette floral cut trim
  • piece of fleece
  • purple stone bear bead
  • two pieces of recycled denim
  • two sheets of craft paper

I got some great fabric when I was back in the US and have some plans already- what do you think?


  1. I found this blog really interesting, I don't know much about native american history so I didn't give it much thought when I opened my box. I really liked this box, and now I'm going to go and do some reading up!

    1. I don't know nearly enough. It's tricky ground- if this box had been from a American company it would have been even trickier.